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  • Cogged Classical V Belts


    Markets/Application Suitable for all industrial applications, particularly where small orsub-minimal sheave diameters are required.Product Description :1 Moulded notch construction increase flexibility, reducing bendingstresses, enhance heat dispersion.2 Lower energy consumption than wrapped belt, sa Read More
  • Wrapped Classical V Belts


    Markets/Application Suitable for all industrial applications,including v-flat drives.Product Description :1 Wear resistant cover fabric, low-stretch tension member.2 Specially developed high grade elastomers, high performance,long life service, high fexibility, suitable for flat belt transmission,max Read More
  • Types of Rubber Belts


    Rubber Conveyor BeltA rubber conveyor belt is a type of continuous moving belt that transports materials or packages from one place to another. In other words, this is a solid band made of tough, long-lasting substances, upon which different materials are conveyed. They are made from a variety of ma Read More
  • V-belt maintenance


    1. It is very important that the tension inspection of the generation should be one of the routine maintenance items. Too low a tension causes the belt to slip and cause an early failure caused by the overheating of the belt, and the overheated transmission belt will transfer its own heat to the dri Read More
  • Belt type


    1. There are basically belt types on heavy-duty vehicles: V-belts and V-ribbed belts. In most vehicles of the previous design, traditional V-belts are used. The typical V-belt is a toothed triangle belt, which helps to cool during operation. , Quiet and reduce the bending stress of the belt.2. The r Read More
  • Cogged Banded V-Belts


    Cogged banded V-belts are essentially two or more Cogged classic v belts that are connected together. They are used in instances when the pulley design of the machine requires two or more cogged V-belts joined together to connect multiple pulley drives in order to avoid load fluctuations or belt tur Read More
  • V-belt (V-shaped) belt wear problems and solutions


    SymptomsPossible causesCorrective measures· The top surface of the belt is worn1. Wear with protective cover.1. Replace or repair the protective cover.2. The tension wheel is damaged.2. Replace the tension wheel.· The top corner of the belt is worn1. The belt does not match the pulley (the belt is t Read More
  • What is a V-belt


    The V-belt drive can reduce the load impact, the belt drive runs smoothly, low noise, and low vibration. The structure of the belt drive is simple and easy to adjust. The pulley transmission is not as strict as the meshing transmission for the manufacture and installation of the pulley.The groove of Read More
  • Industrial Fan Belt Construction


    Lets us begin with a basic question. How do we transmit rotary power from one place to another? Well we have numerous solutions and one of the solutions would surely be a fan belt. A simple way of defining any belt drive would be imagining two separate rollers being bound by means of a thread that r Read More
  • Applications for Transmission Belt


    Friction power transmission belt and toothed belt are utilized as power transmission means from of old. For example, V-belt and V-ribbed belt are generally used as an auxiliary machine driving belt of automotive engine, a toothed belt is generally used as an OHC (overhead camshaft) driving belt, and Read More
  • Multi-functional Rubber Belt


    Adjustable strap wrench, multi-functional rubber belt wrench spanner bottle opener oil filter wrench car repair tool grip wrench, filter wrench, oil wrench, plumbing wrench, plumbers srench.DetailsQuality Materials - Multi-functional rubber belt wrench, 100% Brand new and good quality. The rubber be Read More
  • Double-Sided Poly V Belt


    Double-Sided Poly V Belt Read More
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