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V-belt maintenance

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1. It is very important that the tension inspection of the generation should be one of the routine maintenance items. Too low a tension causes the belt to slip and cause an early failure caused by the overheating of the belt, and the overheated transmission belt will transfer its own heat to the drive. The pulley and drive shaft of the system overheat the bearing lubricating oil. The belt should be checked for excessive wear. An excessively worn belt will sink deep in the groove and may be too loose to slip. The loose belt slips through It will generate higher heat and damage the belt drive system more than any other single reason.
2. If the belt screams during operation, you should check the tension of the belt or see if there are foreign objects such as grease, dirt or paint in the wheel groove. These foreign objects will cause the belt to slip or cause dirt and sand to gather in together.
3. Check the system during operation. All the belts should run under the same tension. No matter if the matching belt or the combination belt is used, although the jitter of the combination belt is the same, if one or several belts are obviously Loose or tight, you need to check the wear of the pulley, unsuitable tension, improper matching belt or damaged belt.
4. If only one of the belts is replaced by the belt used in the group, it will also cause premature failure of the belt.
5. It is also important to check the pulleys. Use a solvent to wipe off all oil or grease, use a metal brush to remove rust, and use a file to remove burrs. The burrs will accelerate the wear of the belt.
6. A worn pulley can usually be seen with the naked eye, but it is best to use the groove gauge of the pulley, insert the groove gauge into the wheel groove, check whether the wear is serious, and replace the pulley if necessary. The pulley will cause excessive wear of the belt and inconsistency of the belt tension, and it will also cause instability of the belt in the groove of the belt, thereby causing the belt to slip or reverse.

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