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What is a V-belt

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The V-belt drive can reduce the load impact, the belt drive runs smoothly, low noise, and low vibration. The structure of the belt drive is simple and easy to adjust. The pulley transmission is not as strict as the meshing transmission for the manufacture and installation of the pulley.

The groove of the pulley is actually designed according to the leather belt, and there are many types of industrial belts, such as common U-shaped, V-shaped, toothed, etc. The corresponding pulleys are U-shaped pulleysV-shaped pulleys, and toothed belt pulleys. The Wrapped v belts pulley is generally used on large industrial motors, and the toothed belt pulley is generally a synchronous pulley.


1. When the surface of the belt has precursor phenomena such as cracks, abrasion, and peeling, or slipping sound (except for slipping sound when the belt is loose and loose), it means that the belt may break. Replace the belt in time.

2. When replacing the belt, first loosen the fixing screw of the engine, move the engine towards the cylinder block to loosen the belt, and then remove the belt. If the belt is still not easy to remove after slackening, use a screwdriver to insert it between the pulley and the belt, and pull the belt outward while turning the pulley, so that the belt can be removed.

3. Before removing the belt, remember the position where the belt is installed or bypassed to prevent incorrect installation. When installing the belt, simply operate in the reverse order of removal.

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