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Industrial Fan Belt Construction

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Lets us begin with a basic question. How do we transmit rotary power from one place to another? Well we have numerous solutions and one of the solutions would surely be a fan belt. A simple way of defining any belt drive would be imagining two separate rollers being bound by means of a thread that runs over its outer periphery. The thread acts as the power transmitter conveying power from the driver member to the driven member. In the actual fan belt drive system, the thread is the fan belt and the rollers are called as pulleys.

Fan belts are friction based power or torque transmitters. The power is transmitted from one pulley to the other by means of the friction between the belt and pulley. The rubber used as the base material plays a very vital role in this. This is quite similar to the friction between the Tyre and road in the automobiles that enables the automobiles to move on the road.

The fan belt is called so because of its cross section. The cross section of a fan belt is similar to that of the letter 'V'. Let us know look into the constructional aspects of the fan belt. The fan belt consists of the following.

  1. Steel Wires: The wires are of endless type having no joints in them. They provide the necessary reinforcement and strength to the fan belt for transmission of the torque.

  2. Base Rubber Compound: The wires are surrounded by a special rubber compound providing shape to the fan belt. The compound also acts as a compression medium to absorb the shocks during power transmission.

  3. Protective Cover: The protective cover is basically a layer of plastic which provides endurance for the rubber against the high temperature that is generated during the movement of the fan belt.

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