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Belt type

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1. There are basically belt types on heavy-duty vehicles: V-belts and V-ribbed belts. In most vehicles of the previous design, traditional V-belts are used. The typical V-belt is a toothed triangle belt, which helps to cool during operation. , Quiet and reduce the bending stress of the belt.
2. The rubber of the V-belt can reinforce the fiber to improve the lateral stability and lengthwise to increase its flexibility.
The unique rubber material is used to greatly extend the belt and resist the failure of the belt caused by overheating of the engine. The short fibers in the rubber improve the stability of the belt and reduce the risk of be

lt tilt.
3. The deep tooth shape of the V-belt increases the flexibility of the belt and is suitable for use on smaller pulleys. This tooth shape communicates with the contact area of the pulley, which helps to dissipate heat.
4. The drive system of heavy vehicles is also often designed to use the joint group V to prevent shock vibration and additional mutations. High-strength canvas is used to connect two or more belts together, it is easy to bend on the pulley This high-strength canvas enhances the stability of the belt attachment pulley or running pulley, which solves some application problems and measures high load, replacing the high-alternative starting system.

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