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Multi-functional Rubber Belt

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Adjustable strap wrench, multi-functional rubber belt wrench spanner bottle opener oil filter wrench car repair tool grip wrench, filter wrench, oil wrench, plumbing wrench, plumbers srench.


Quality Materials - Multi-functional rubber belt wrench, 100% Brand new and good quality. The rubber belt is made of good quality rubber material, sturdy and wear-resistant.

Adjustable Rubber Belt Design - Adjustable rubber belt design, the large wrench is adjustable up to 150mm/6 inches diameter, and the small wrench is adjustable up to 100mm/4 inches diameter.

Easy to Use - The small wrench is great for removing nuts, bolts, caps etc that you can't get off. Simple and easy to use, giving you the right amount of power with the perfect amount of pressure.

Anti-slip handle - Comfortable and non-slip handle, easy to hold.

Wide Applications - Good to be used for automobiles, tractors, oil filters, glue joints, shower heads, fuel filters, jar openers, PVC junctions, bottles, faucets, water filters, sinks, taps and so on.

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