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Types of Rubber Belts

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Rubber Conveyor Belt

rubber conveyor belt is a type of continuous moving belt that transports materials or packages from one place to another. In other words, this is a solid band made of tough, long-lasting substances, upon which different materials are conveyed. They are made from a variety of materials, ranging from rubber compounds and leather to urethane and PVC to wire mesh composed of asso

rted metals, like stainless steel and carbon steel. Rubber conveyor belts are very popular and widely used in various industries to transport and process materials from one point to another. They are widely used in conveyor systems. Multiple belting are used to transfer or shift power from one rotating shaft to another on conveyor systems. They are available for a wide range of applications and media transportation. Production, mining and shipping companies all make use of conveyor belts to manage materials more efficiently and reduce labor costs.

Conveyor belts are also used in food and beverage companies, automotive and tire assemblies, electronics, pharmaceutical and medical, printing, mail sorting, tobacco and packaging.

Rubber Flat Belt

Flat Belts are utilized in various applications, especially for driving machines in industries. Flat belts are made of various materials like rubber, leather etc. In some cases they are reinforced with metal, textiles and fibers. Rubber is a popular material used in the making of flat belts. These belts are highly convenient and reliable in operation and installation and are used in high-speed, low-power applications. They are generally used in textile manufacturing machines, paper making machines and conveyors. They have durable surface coatings which provide anti-static properties and withstand high tension and cost-effective.

Rubber Timing Belts

A timing belt is a type of cogged belt, usually made of reinforced rubber, which is used to drive the camshaft in an internal-combustion engine. Also known as timing chain or cam belt, a rubber timing belt is an integral part of an internal combustion engine which controls the timing of the engine's valves. Instead of timing belts, some engines use timing gears. The term "timing belt" is also used to refer any flat belt with integral teeth. Timing belts are used for power transmission or to interchange rotary motion and linear motion. In such cases, either high loads or maintaining a specific drive ratio are very important. A common non-automotive application of rubber timing belt is in linear positioning systems. Thus, the basic purpose of timing belt is to transfer driving force by connecting wheel transmission, chain transmission and belt transmission. Rubber belts are quieter in their operation, are less expensive and are mechanically more efficient.

Rubber V-Belt

Rubber V-belts have a v-shaped profile and hence the name. There are many variations of the v-belt. Most of the V-belts are either standard or inverted. A rubber V-belt is a continuous band for transferring power or conveying materials from one shaft or wheel to another and these belts have several benefits compared to the other drive systems. They provide an additional amount of stretch which is not the case with other belts. The belts are able to work smoothly and quietly, without the requirement of lubrication. This is an important feature of rubber V- belts.

Rubber V-belts are available in different sizes and types and are suitable for a wide range of applications. They have the capability of accommodating a wide range of horse power speeds and outputs which exist in the industrial drive systems.

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