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Transmission Belts Suppliers Motorcycle Belt

Product Description :
1 Heavy duty fabric, low-stretch tension member, engineered rubbercompound with high wear resistance.
2 High transverse rigidity minimizes heat generation, high transmission
efficiency, excellent performance/cost ratio, cost and space saving.3Long belt life reducing expensive maintenance time,recommendfor use on all industrial heavy-duty, narrow section V-belts drives.
  • VS15 VS15.5 VS16.5 VS17 VS18 VS19 VS20 VS22

Product Description

A motorcycle belt, also known as a drive belt or a final drive belt, is a component used in motorcycles to transfer power from the engine to the rear wheel. It is an alternative to the traditional chain drive system and is commonly found in cruiser-style motorcycles.

Motorcycle belts are typically made of materials such as rubber or polyurethane reinforced with cords or fibers for strength and durability. They are designed to handle the power and torque generated by the engine and provide a smooth and quiet ride.

One of the main advantages of motorcycle belts is their low maintenance requirements. Unlike chains, they do not require regular lubrication and adjustment. They also tend to last longer and are less prone to stretching or breaking.

When selecting a motorcycle belt, it is important to consider factors such as the specific make and model of the motorcycle, the power and torque requirements, and the desired riding style. It is recommended to consult the motorcycle manufacturer or a trusted dealer for guidance on the appropriate belt for your motorcycle.

Regular inspection and maintenance of the motorcycle belt, such as checking for wear or damage, is crucial to ensure optimal performance and safety.


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