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EPDM Automobile Teeth V Belt

Product Description :
1Moulded notch construction increase flexibility, reducing bendingstresses, enhance heat dispersion.
2 Lower energy consumption than wrapped belt, save on downtimeand maintenance costs, zero-maintenance.
  • AV10 AV13 AV15 AV17 AV22

Product Description

An automobile teeth V belt, also known as a timing belt or camshaft belt, is a crucial component in a vehicle's engine. It is responsible for synchronizing the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft, ensuring that the engine's valves open and close at the correct time.

The teeth on the belt mesh with corresponding teeth on the gears of the crankshaft and camshaft, preventing slippage and maintaining precise timing. This is especially important in engines with overhead camshafts, where the camshaft is located above the crankshaft.

The teeth V belt is typically made of a durable rubber material with embedded fibers for added strength. It is designed to withstand high temperatures, oil, and other harsh conditions within the engine compartment.

Over time, the teeth V belt may wear out or become damaged, leading to a loss of synchronization between the crankshaft and camshaft. This can result in poor engine performance, misfiring, or even engine failure.

Regular maintenance and replacement of the teeth V belt is essential to prevent these issues and ensure the smooth operation of the engine. The manufacturer's recommended replacement interval should be followed to prevent any potential problems.

In summary, an automobile teeth V belt is a critical component in a vehicle's engine, responsible for synchronizing the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft. It is made of a durable rubber material and should be regularly maintained and replaced to prevent engine issues.


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