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Industrial Wrapped Rubber V Belt

Product Description :
1 Wear resistant cover fabric, low-stretch tension member.
2 Specially developed high grade elastomers, high performance,
long life service, high fexibility, suitable for flat belt transmission,
maximum economy.
  • Z,M,A,B,C,D,E,F,20,25

Product Description

An industrial wrapped rubber V belt is a type of power transmission belt that is commonly used in various industrial applications. These belts are made of rubber and feature a wrapped construction, where multiple layers of fabric are wrapped around the rubber core.

The wrapped construction of the rubber V belt provides several advantages. It enhances the belt's strength, durability, and resistance to wear and tear. The fabric layers help to reinforce the rubber core, making the belt more resistant to stretching and elongation under heavy loads. This construction also helps to reduce noise and vibration during operation.

Industrial wrapped rubber V belts are designed to transmit power from one component to another in a mechanical system. They are commonly used in applications such as industrial machinery, agricultural equipment, HVAC systems, and automotive engines.

These belts have a trapezoidal or V-shaped cross-section, which allows them to fit securely into the pulley grooves. This design ensures efficient power transmission and reduces the risk of slippage, even under high loads or in demanding operating conditions.

Wrapped rubber V belts are known for their versatility and wide range of available sizes and configurations. They can be easily installed and tensioned, making them a convenient choice for power transmission systems.

In summary, industrial wrapped rubber V belts are a reliable and durable solution for power transmission in various industrial applications. Their wrapped construction, strength, and resistance to wear make them suitable for demanding operating conditions.


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