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Airport Conveyor Belt

Suitable for conveying materials that require a flame resistant andstatic conductive belts in power, chemical, light metallurgical,cementplant,foundry,iron ore,steel mills, and grain processing industries, underthe condition of flammable or explosive environment above coal mines.
  • EP100 EP125 EP200 EP250 EP300 EP350 EP400 EP500 EP600

Product Description

An airport conveyor belt, also known as a baggage handling system or luggage conveyor, is a specialized type of conveyor belt used in airports to transport checked luggage and other baggage between different areas of the airport, such as check-in counters, baggage sorting areas, baggage claim, and aircraft loading areas.

The airport conveyor belt system is a complex network of conveyor belts, chutes, and sorting devices that work together to efficiently and accurately move luggage throughout the airport. It is designed to handle large volumes of baggage, ensuring that it reaches the correct destination and is available for passengers to retrieve at the appropriate time.

The airport conveyor belt system typically consists of the following components:

  1. Check-in Conveyors: These are located at the check-in counters where passengers drop off their luggage. The conveyor belts carry the luggage from the check-in counter to the baggage sorting area.

  2. Baggage Sorting System: This is where the luggage is sorted based on the flight and destination. The system uses barcode or RFID technology to identify and track each bag, ensuring it is sent to the correct aircraft or baggage claim area.

  3. Transfer Conveyors: These conveyors transport the sorted luggage from the baggage sorting area to the appropriate loading area for each flight. They ensure that the luggage is loaded onto the correct aircraft.

  4. Baggage Claim Conveyors: Once the aircraft arrives at the destination airport, the luggage is unloaded and transported to the baggage claim area. Conveyor belts in this area allow passengers to retrieve their luggage.

Airport conveyor belt systems are designed to be efficient, reliable, and secure. They are equipped with various safety features, such as sensors to detect jams or blockages, emergency stop buttons, and video surveillance systems to monitor the movement of luggage.

Regular maintenance and inspections are essential to keep the airport conveyor belt system running smoothly and prevent any disruptions or delays in baggage handling. In case of breakdowns or malfunctions, airports often have backup systems and contingency plans in place to minimize the impact on passengers and operations.

In summary, an airport conveyor belt is a specialized type of conveyor belt used in airports to transport luggage and baggage between different areas of the airport. It is a complex system that includes check-in conveyors, baggage sorting systems, transfer conveyors, and baggage claim conveyors. These systems are designed to efficiently and accurately handle large volumes of luggage, ensuring that it reaches the correct destination for passengers to retrieve.


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