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How to Store Belts

In order to store V-8elts correctly, it is advisable to flat on shelves or hanging on large diameter tubular brackets on the wall.
This diameter should be at least ten times the height of belts cross section.
Long belts can be coiled in loops to save space, provided that they are correctly coiled short belts can be stored on shelves,
but be aware that stacks should not be more than 300 mm high, as the bottom belts may be otherwise deformed.
Finally, hooks and nails are unsuitable for suspending the belts.
Rubber V-belts can be stored for 7-8 years without causing any performance or reliability loss.
For a correct storage, some factors have to be taken into account.


The storage premises should be cool, dry and well ventilated but not draughty. Use suitable containers, do not store directly on the floor.


Storage temperature should be with range + 5°C - + 30°C ( each increase of 8°C will reduce the shelf life by half. Storage temperatures above 50°C are not allowed at all.
Lower temperatures causes stiffening in the belt but are accepted in the storage. In order to avoid damages in the start-up, it becomes necessary to heat the belt up to around 20°C before running it on the machine.
Higher temperatures due to heating are to be avoided.
Distance from heating sources should be at least 1 meter.


Relative humidity should be below 70%, if increase in humidity will not cause serious material damage but could lead to higher intial stretch of the belt on the drive.


Belts should be protected from light, especially direct sunlight and articial light with high ultraviolet rays {neon light).


Equipments generating ozone, like high voltage efectrical machines or uorescent light sources, should not be installed in the storage.
Also combustion gases and vapours, that can cause ozone, should be avoided.


Flammable materials, lubricants, acids and any other aggressive material should not be kept in the storage. Belts elastomers may be affected or even irreparably damaged by such agents.


Never clean V-belts. If you need, for any reason, to clean belts use a dry towel or one soaked with a glycerine/alcohol mixture in the ratio 1:10. Other solvents such as petrol or benzene must not be used. Sharp-edged objects must not be used for cleaning V-belts.

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