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Proper installation and maintenance is essential for the use of the v belts.please read carefully before using.
Maintenance for V Belt

Maintenance for Timing Belts

The installation, maintenance, failure mode, and correcting measures of belt transmission
The correct installation of belt
(1 )Switch off the power, remove the protective cap. Loosen the assembly belt. Move the motor the make the belt loose, you can take off the belt without prying, prying the belt of is not allowed.
(2) Take off the old belt, then check if there is any abnormal wear and tear. Excessive wear and tear may indicate there are some problems with the design or maintenance of the gearing.
(3) Choose the proper belt for changing
(4) Clean the belt and the pulley, use a cloth with some liquid which can't volatilize easily to wipe. Soaking in the cleaning formulation or brush the cleaning formulation are not good; use the sand paper or sharp subject to scratch are not proper.
The belt must be dry before using.
(5) Check the pulley if there is any abnormal wear and tear or crack, if the wear and tear is excessive, then the pulley must be changed.
(6) Check the pulley to see if it is symmetrical of straight line, this is very important for the performance of the belt transmission, especially for the timing belt gearing.
(7) Check the rest parts of the gearing, for example, the symmetry of the bearing and the bearing boot, durability and Lubrication, etc.
(8) When installing a new belt on the pulley, prying or using too much force is not allowed.
(9) Adjust and tighten the central distance of the gearing, until the tension is proper measured by the tension gauge.
Use hand to rotate the driving pulley for several rounds and measures the tensions again.
(10) Tighten the assembly bolt of the motor, correct the torque, because any change of the central distance will cause the bad property of the belt. Make sure all the gearing are tightened.
(11 )Switch the gearing on and observe the property of the belt if there is any unusual vibration, listen carefully to see
if there are any unusual noises. You'd better turn off the machine, then check the condition of the bearing and motor,
if the temperature is very high, maybe because the belt is too tight or the bearing is not symmetrical, or the lubrication is not correct.
The maintenance of the belt and the pulley.
(1) The belt can't be crimped and bend sharply, the minimum bending diameter: see the Figure 2.
(2) During the process of the storage and the transportation, keep the belt and the pulley out of direct Sunlight.
Not get wet from rain and snow, prevent it from touching the acid, alkali, organic solvent and steam etc., which can influence property of the belt.
(3) Storage temperature: -20-50°C, and keep it away from heat source at least 1 meter.
(4) During the storage, it can't be piled up, for the weight might cause the change of the shape, and it can't be placed on the ground directly, it should be hanged on the shelf or put on the shelf.
(5) The finished pulley should be stored and transported under a dry and ventilated environment, and the anti-rust processing is also needed.
(6) The belt gearing should have a protective cap, avoid pollution and ventilation must be assured.

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