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V Belt

Suitable for all industrial applications,including v-flat drives.

  • A B C D E F 20 25

Product Description

A rubber V belt is a specific type of V belt that is made primarily of rubber material. It is commonly used in various applications to transmit power between pulleys.

Rubber V belts are known for their flexibility, durability, and resistance to heat, oil, and abrasion. The rubber material allows the belt to grip the pulleys effectively, ensuring efficient power transmission.

These belts are commonly used in automotive applications, such as engine belts in vehicles. They are also used in industrial machinery, agricultural equipment, and other applications that require power transmission.

Rubber V belts come in different sizes and designs to suit various applications. They may have a smooth outer surface or feature grooves or ribs to enhance grip and reduce slippage.

The installation and maintenance of rubber V belts are relatively simple. They can be easily adjusted and replaced when necessary.

Overall, rubber V belts are widely used and valued for their reliability, flexibility, and resistance to wear and tear. They play a crucial role in power transmission systems, ensuring efficient operation of machinery and equipment in various industries.


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