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New Product Hot Sale Black Custom Conveyor Belt

Product Description :
The heat resistance conveyor belt is made of the multilayer rubber cotton
'polyester cotton' covered with the high temperature or heat
resistant rubbers, which are bonded through high temperature vulcanization.
1 The heat resistance conveyor belt' s specification shall be identical with
that of the conventional conveyor belt.
2 The heat resistance conveyor belt shall be in accordance with HG2297-92.
3 The heat resistant conveyor belt contains four types.
4 The heat resistance conveyor belt physical property of the cover rubber after
heat test shall conform to the values specified in the table.
Product Description

A conveyor belt is a mechanical device that is used to transport objects or materials from one location to another. It consists of a continuous loop of material, typically made of rubber, fabric, or metal, that is powered by a motor and moves along a series of rollers or pulleys.

Conveyor belts are commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, mining, agriculture, and logistics to move goods or materials efficiently and quickly. They can transport a wide range of items, including bulk materials, packaged goods, and heavy or bulky objects.

Conveyor belts are designed to be durable and reliable, capable of withstanding heavy loads and harsh environments. They can be customized to meet specific requirements, such as different sizes, speeds, and inclinations. Some conveyor belts also have additional features, such as cleats or sidewalls, to prevent items from slipping or falling off during transportation.

Overall, conveyor belts play a crucial role in improving productivity and efficiency in various industries by automating the process of moving goods or materials from one point to another.

Zhejiang Powerbelt Company is the second biggest rubber v belt company in China, the main products are rubber v belt,automotive belt and agricutural belt, industrial belts, and rubber conveyor belts,the quality is similar with Europe quality.

For products:

1. Quality: We have a strong team controlling the quality well Maintence-free and  high power ratings hing temperature resisitant.. Inspecting the goods during producing, before packing.

2.Delivery Time: We have many production lines in our factory. And We are near the Ningbo area and close to the port.

3.Marketing: Our products have be exported to  American countries, Ukraine, Russia, Italy,Brazil,Vietnam,Thailand, Singapore and others  more than 50 countries.


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Brand origin from the strength, profession shows the value, quality is more import than quantity

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