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Conveyor Belt For Stone Crusher Rock Sand And Gravel Chevron Rubber Conveyor Belt

Product Description :
There are open type and closed type, suitable for bulk or bagged materials such as powder and granule with incline less than 45℃.The chevron conveyor belt can prevent from slipping of materials and improve conveying efficiency.
Product Description

A chevron rubber conveyor belt is a specific type of conveyor belt that features a chevron pattern on its surface. The chevron pattern consists of raised ridges or cleats that are typically in a V-shape or a series of diagonal lines. This pattern helps to increase the friction between the belt and the conveyed material, preventing it from sliding or rolling back.

Chevron rubber conveyor belts are commonly used in applications where materials need to be transported on an incline or decline and require extra grip to prevent slippage. The patterned surface helps to prevent material spillage and improves the overall efficiency of the conveyor system.

These belts are typically made from rubber compounds and reinforcement materials, such as fabric or steel cords, to provide flexibility, strength, and durability. The rubber provides resistance to abrasion and impact, while the reinforcement materials enhance the belt's strength and dimensional stability.

Chevron rubber conveyor belts are available in various patterns and configurations to suit different incline or decline angles and material types. The angle and height of the chevron pattern can be customized to meet specific application requirements.

Proper maintenance and regular inspection of chevron rubber conveyor belts are important to ensure optimal performance. It is crucial to clean the belts regularly to prevent material buildup that can affect the belt's grip and functionality. Signs of wear, damage, or loss of pattern should be addressed promptly to avoid belt failure.

In summary, a chevron rubber conveyor belt is a specialized type of conveyor belt with a chevron pattern on its surface. It is designed to increase grip and prevent material slippage on incline or decline conveyor systems. These belts are made from rubber and reinforcement materials and require regular maintenance for optimal performance.


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