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Wrapped Narrow Rubber Transmission Belts V-Belt

Introducing our Wrapped Narrow V Belts, the perfect solution for your power transmission needs. Designed with precision and durability in mind, these belts are crafted to deliver optimal performance in a wide range of applications.
Suitable for all industrial applications, particularly where space, weight andhorsepower capacity are critical.

Product Description

Product Description :

1 Heavy duty fabric, low-stretch tension member, engineered rubbercompound with high wear resistance.

2 High transverse rigidity minimizes heat generation, high transmissionefficiency ,excellent performancelcost ratio, cost and space saving.

3 Long belt life reducing expensive maintenance time, recommend for useon all industrial heavy-duty, narrow section V-belts drives.

4 These "narrow" cross sections can transmit up to three times the

horsepower of the classical cross-sections(A,B,C,D)in the same amountof drive space.

5 Temperature resistance : -45℃-+80°℃, limited oil resistance,all belts are antistatic per lSO 1813.

Our Wrapped Narrow V Belts are made from high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting reliability and efficiency. With their superior grip and excellent flexibility, these belts provide smooth and efficient power transmission, reducing slippage and maximizing productivity.

Whether you're in the automotive, industrial, or agricultural industry, our Wrapped Narrow V Belts are engineered to meet the demands of your specific application. They are suitable for use in various machinery, including pumps, compressors, generators, and more.

Featuring a narrow profile, these belts are designed to fit into tight spaces, making them ideal for compact machinery. Their wrapped construction provides added strength and resistance to wear and tear, ensuring a longer service life.

With our Wrapped Narrow V Belts, you can trust that your power transmission needs will be met with utmost precision and reliability. Invest in quality and choose our belts for superior performance and peace of mind.

Order your Wrapped Narrow V Belts today and experience the difference they can make in your operations. Trust in our commitment to excellence and let us be your go-to source for all your power transmission needs.


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