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What's the difference between a drive belt... 30th September 2019

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What's the difference between a drive belt and a timing belt?

drive belt, also known as a fan belt, is a belt that is located on the exterior part of the engine, to provide power and drive to the necessary components to make your car work, such as air-conditioning, (in some model

s) water pump, alternator (electrical charger), power steering, and other components. A drive belt usually don't last longer than 12,000 miles, and it's visible either on the side (for front wheel drive cars), or front (for rear wheel drive cars, or cars with boxer engines).

A Timing belt (camshaft), also known as a camshaft drive belt, connects the upper engine (engine Cylinder head) to the lower engine (engine Cylinder block), and moves the inner engine components in synchronised timings to ensure correct compression and combustion cycles that make an engine run. It's covered up, making it looks like it's on the inside of an engine.

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