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What is a cogged V belt?

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In the world of v belts, there are many different styles of belts and each one of them fill a specific need. Kevlar belts are used on machines that have a high shock load. Banded belts are used on machines that have a lot of power that needs to be transmitted. And, cogged v belts are used on machines that have at least one small pulley. We are going to talk about the benefits of using a cogged v belt versus a conventional v belt.

The most common types of drive systems that require a cogged v belt are roof top air conditioners, poultry fans and laundry machines. They use this type of belt because the pulley that is attached to the drum or fan is typically less than two inches in diameter. When you have a pulley that small, the belt has to make a pretty sharp bend to get around it. Bending a v belt like that creates a lot of heat and can deteriorate the belt relatively quickly.

The secret lies in the cogs. They play a very dynamic role in allowing for heat dissipation and better contact with the pulley. If you want proof that the belt will wrap better, go to your local hardware store and pick up two belts, a cogged and a standard. Use your thumbs and pull the the belts apart, the belt that is cogged will wrap around your finger better because there is less rubber to get in the way.

Cogged v belts are not always the best option for your machine. For example, if you have a lawn mower that uses a v belt to transmit the power, use a Kevlar v belt so that it won't break when you hit some tall grass. If the pulleys are relatively large you should not need a cogged v belt.

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