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V Belt Benefits

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Since V belts can be stretched onto a drive and automatically adjust to correct tension upon installation, they offer a wide range of benefits for various applications.

Firstly, these V belts are specifically designed for operation on a fixed center distance application, eliminating the need for tension idlers and slide adjustment.

The drive’s fixed center distance also allows for easy automation and robotic installation. For driver pulleys, a smaller wrap angle can be used.

V belts act as damping springs, they’re capable of absorbing temporary overloads with minimal noise and vibration ensuring quiet, smooth operation.

Because these V belts don’t require tensioning devices, fewer quality issues arise due to incorrect V belt tension. This helps cut down on labor, as workers aren’t required to have the skills necessary to apply correct tension during the assembly process; the need for manual installation labor can be eliminated through the use of robotic installation methods. All of these features allow for lower overall costs.

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