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Toothed Auto Drive Cogged Fan Tooth V Belt

Product Description :
1 Moulded notch construction increase flexibility, reducing bendingstresses, enhance heat dispersion.
2Lower energy consumption than wrapped belt, save on downtimeand maintenance costs, zero-maintenance.

Product Description

Overview:A cogged fan tooth V belt is a type of power transmission belt that is specifically designed for use in automotive engines to drive the engine cooling fan. This belt features a cogged or toothed design on the inner side of the belt, which meshes with corresponding grooves on the pulleys to provide a secure grip and efficient power transmission. The V-shaped cross-section of the belt allows it to fit into V-shaped pulleys, providing better traction and reducing slippage.

Key features of cogged fan tooth V belts include:

1. Cogged or Toothed Design: The inner side of the belt is designed with teeth or cogs that mesh with grooves on the pulleys, providing a positive engagement and precise power transmission. This design helps to reduce vibration, noise, and slippage, ensuring smooth operation of the engine cooling fan.

2.High-Temperature Resistance: Cogged fan tooth V belts are designed to withstand high temperatures generated in the engine compartment, making them suitable for use in automotive cooling systems. The materials used in these belts are heat-resistant and durable, ensuring reliable performance in demanding conditions.

3. Efficient Power Transmission: The cogged design of the belt allows for better power transmission efficiency compared to traditional V belts. The teeth provide a larger contact area with the pulleys, reducing wear and improving the overall performance of the cooling fan system.

4. Reduced Maintenance: Cogged fan tooth V belts require less maintenance compared to standard V belts, as the toothed design helps to prevent slippage and wear. This can result in longer belt life and reduced downtime for maintenance and replacement.

5. Compatibility: Cogged fan tooth V belts are designed to fit specific automotive applications and cooling fan systems. It is important to select the correct belt size and type to ensure proper fit and optimal performance in the engine.

Overall, cogged fan tooth V belts are a reliable and efficient power transmission solution for driving engine cooling fans in automotive applications. Their toothed design, high-temperature resistance, efficient power transmission, and reduced maintenance requirements make them a popular choice for ensuring proper engine cooling and performance. Regular inspection and replacement of the belt at recommended intervals are important to maintain the cooling system's functionality and prevent overheating issues in the engine.


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