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Power Twist Link V Belt

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Product Description :

lt is made of highly resistant polyurethane/polyester composites.

2 Suitable for any length without disassembly.Even in a closed drive device

can be installed, so that the production line pause time is almost reduced to zero.3 The structural characteristics of the joint, so that the vibration rate reduced by 50%.4 Do not need to reserve a variety of specifications of the inventory and waste ofmoney and procedures, the widest width of the E and F can replace the heavy loadbelt, no need to order a special belt.

5 Bring convenience to the designer,simplify the mechanical design and save

the manufacturing cost.the driving pulley can be arranged in the structureof the machine body, and the utility model has the advantages of greatertightness and safety.

6 lt is not easy to stretch and relax, as long as the number of the same combination

of each belt can be ensured,the precision effect can be achieved.

Wear resistance ,oil resistance, chemical resistance, waterproof , anti steam,resist cold and high temperature.

Brand origin from the strength, profession shows the value, quality is more import than quantity

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