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Industrial V Belt Suppliers Near Me Toothed Drive Belts

Product Description :
1Moulded notch construction increase flexibility, reducing bendingstresses, enhance heat dispersion.
2Lower energy consumption than wrapped belt, save on downtime
and maintenance costs,zero-maintenance.
  • AV10 AV13 AV15 AV17 AV22

Product Description

Toothed drive V belts, also known as timing belts or synchronous belts, are a type of power transmission belt that use teeth or cogs on the inner side of the belt to provide a positive engagement with the pulleys. They are commonly used in various industrial applications where precise power transmission is required.

The teeth on toothed drive V belts mesh with corresponding grooves or sprockets on the pulleys, creating a positive drive system. This design allows for accurate and synchronous rotation between the driving and driven shafts, preventing slippage and ensuring precise timing.

Toothed drive V belts are typically made from a high-strength rubber compound with embedded cords or fibers for added strength and durability. They are resistant to wear, heat, and oil, making them suitable for demanding industrial environments.

These belts are commonly used in applications such as robotics, automation systems, machine tools, printing presses, and many other industrial machinery and equipment.

When selecting toothed drive V belts, it is important to consider factors such as the power requirements, the operating conditions (temperature, speed, etc.), and the specific application. It is recommended to consult with a reputable belt supplier or manufacturer to ensure the proper selection of the toothed drive V belt for your specific needs.

Regular inspection and maintenance of toothed drive V belts are crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity. This includes checking for wear, proper tension, and any signs of damage. Following the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule for belt replacement is also important to prevent unexpected failures and downtime.


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