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Heavy Duty Fan Belt

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The fan belt features exclusive ground form design which reduces vibration and increases belt life. Ground form is a raw edge, cogged belt with machined ground side walls for precision dimensions. This unique performance enhancing design provides flexibility and reduces vibration, wear and belt tension loss.

Other features include:

  • 20" Outside Diameter Length, 19.30" Pitch Length, 1/2" Top Width, 5/16" Thickness.

  • Fabric Top and Bottom - Increases rigidity and stability. Reduces stress on the cord line and increases belt life.

  • Wider Notch Spacing - Increase rigidity and stability. Increases belt life.

  • Precision Molded Raw Edge Construction.

  • Extra Deep Molded Notches.

  • Oil and Heat Resistant.

  • Static Conducting.

  • Includes 3 belts.

The exhaust hood fan is one of the hardest working pieces of equipment in any restaurant. Its one of the first things turned on in the morning and one of the last things turned off at the end of the night. It is suggested to replace your hood fan belts at least once a year, if not, each time you have a scheduled hood cleaning. Most hood cleaning companies offer a fan belt replacement program. This allows you to have your fan belts changed on a regular schedule and avoid the danger of one breaking when you least expect it.

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