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Chinese Manufacturer High Quality Cogged V Belts

Product Description :
lt has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacture,
stable transmission, absorption of mechanical vibration, stepless speed,suitable for large combine, which can adapt to various working environment.

Product Description

Cogged V belts, also known as notched V belts or cog belts, are a type of power transmission belt used in various applications, including automotive, industrial, and agricultural machinery. They are similar to traditional V belts but have additional features that enhance their performance.

The main difference between cogged V belts and standard V belts is the presence of cogs or notches on the inner surface of the belt. These cogs fit into corresponding grooves on the pulleys, providing a positive engagement and preventing slippage. This design allows for a higher power transmission capacity and improved efficiency compared to standard V belts.

The cogs on cogged V belts also help to reduce bending stress and improve flexibility, allowing for smoother operation and longer belt life. The reduced bending stress helps to minimize heat generation and wear, resulting in less maintenance and longer service intervals.

Another advantage of cogged V belts is their ability to operate in smaller pulley diameters. The cogs provide better grip and contact with the pulley, allowing for more compact designs and increased flexibility in machinery layout.

Cogged V belts are typically made from a combination of rubber and high-strength fibers, such as polyester or aramid, which provide excellent tensile strength and resistance to wear and fatigue. They are designed to withstand high speeds, heavy loads, and harsh operating conditions.

Overall, cogged V belts offer improved power transmission, reduced slippage, increased flexibility, and longer service life compared to standard V belts. They are widely used in various industries where reliable and efficient power transmission is required.


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Brand origin from the strength, profession shows the value, quality is more import than quantity

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