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Auto Engine PK Belt Car Serpentine Belt

Product Description :
1 Large tranmission power.Under the conditions of same space,its transmission power is 30% higher than that of ordinary v belt .2 Fine flexibility, suits driving small diameter pulley and high
speed transmission . 

Product Description

Poly V belts, also known as multi-rib belts or serpentine belts, are a type of power transmission belt used in various applications, including automotive engines, industrial machinery, and appliances. They are designed to transmit power efficiently from the engine or motor to various components, such as alternators, water pumps, air conditioning compressors, and power steering pumps.

Poly V belts have multiple V-shaped ribs on the inner side, which correspond to grooves on the pulleys they are mounted on. These ribs increase the contact surface area between the belt and the pulley, allowing for higher power transmission and reducing the chances of slippage.

The construction of poly V belts typically involves a combination of rubber and polyester cords or aramid fibers for added strength and durability. The rubber material provides flexibility and resistance to heat, oil, and other contaminants, while the cords or fibers reinforce the belt to handle high loads.

One of the advantages of poly V belts is their ability to transmit power over a wide range of speeds and torque loads. They can handle higher speeds than traditional V belts and are more efficient in transferring power due to the increased contact area. This makes them suitable for applications that require high power output, such as automotive engines.

Poly V belts also offer quieter operation compared to other belt types, as the multiple ribs help distribute the load evenly, reducing vibration and noise. Additionally, their design allows for compact and lightweight drive systems, making them ideal for space-constrained applications.

Like any other belt, poly V belts require regular inspection and replacement to ensure optimal performance and prevent unexpected failures. Factors such as excessive wear, cracking, or loss of tension indicate the need for replacement.

In summary, poly V belts are power transmission belts with multiple V-shaped ribs that provide efficient power transfer and reduced slippage. They are made of rubber and reinforced with cords or fibers for strength and durability. Poly V belts are commonly used in automotive engines and other applications that require high power output and quiet operation. Regular maintenance and replacement are necessary to ensure their performance and reliability.


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