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Analysis of rubber conveyor belt in the...

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Analysis of rubber conveyor belt in the practical application of the advantages

Rubber conveyor belt is the main com

ponent of tape conveyor, from the role of carrying materials, it is widely used in steel, coal, alloys, chemicals, building materials, food and other industries. The use of conveyor belts as a transport carrier and its mode of transport compared to the operation of safe, easy to use, easy maintenance, low freight and can achieve continuous, shorten the transport distance and so on. In a certain range has become a highway, rail transport alternative. This high temperature rubber conveyor belt for general conditions of transport without special corrosive room temperature block, granular, powder material.

Rubber conveyor belt has a wide range of use, small footprint, no transfer point, reduce the civil construction investment, low maintenance costs, easy maintenance of continuous delivery, high efficiency, large angle transport, safe operation, easy to use, low freight Rubber conveyor belt to solve the common belt and pattern can not reach the conveyor angle; can also be based on the use of the environment, designed to complete, independent of the conveyor system, to avoid the use of the environment, Intermittent transport and complex delivery of the lifting system; along the horizontal, inclined, vertical and variable direction of the transmission of various bulk materials, from coal, ore, sand to fertilizer and food; material size is not limited, from a small particle size To 400mm large size, the amount of delivery from 1 cubic meter / hour to 6000 cubic meters / hour.

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