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3 Advantages of Plastic Timing Belt Pulleys

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Efficient power transmission is the key to any timing pulley, and plastic timing belt pulleys can deliver efficiency without slip or backlash.


Plastic, specifically nylon, timing be

lt pulleys are a cost-effective alternative to traditional, heavy aluminum pulleys.

Nylon has a number of advantages that recommend it over aluminum in certain applications, and one of those advantages is weight.

Nylon is lightweight, resulting in low inertia. Reducing inertia and weight are important in applications where weight is a considering factor as is usually the case for material selection in almost all motion control applications.

Static and Corrosion

Nylon pulleys can be manufactured with certain additives that improve conductivity to reduce the potential of static electric buildup and discharge. Which is why plastic timing belt pulleys are ideal for applications where exposure to combustible gases, solvents, or particles is a consideration.

Similarly, the natural corrosion resistance of nylon is ideal for applications with exposure to lubricants, shop chemicals, and other corrosive elements or oxidization. This resistance to corrosion is one of the reasons why nylon pulleys are so long lasting with such a long service life.

Finding the Right Pulley

For non-standard sizes and application requirements we also offer Custom Design Timing Belt Pulley. Our engineers can help you through the specification and design process so that your pulley is the ideal pulley design for your particular application.

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