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Professional Rubber Belts Manufacturer —Baopower
Zhejiang Powerbelt Co., Ltd. was established in 1994 by Mr.RenPing Bao, which located in Tiantai city of Zhejiang Province, the city is a National "AAAA" Scenery Tour Area and has been named as "Town of Belt Industry in China". Now it's one of the leading professional manufacturers, the brand is BAOPOWER, specializing in producing all kinds of high quality Rubber Belts, including Wrapped V Belt...
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Such as wrapped v belt, cogged v belt, timing belt, poly v belt and conveyor belt.

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Now we also have 12 production lines for conveyor belt. Strict quality standard guaranteed.

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We have professional belts fatigue test machines.

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Wrapped V belt production capacity: 200000 meters/day,
Large producing capacity.
    Our belts sold to 50 different countries, "Baopower" trademarks sold to 15 countries.
  • Agriculture
    Baopower Rubber Belts Are Widely Used In Agriculture Machinery ...
  • Industrial Application
    Baopower Rubber V Belts Suitable For All Industrial Applications...
  • Mining
    Baopower Rubber Conveyor Belts Are Widely Used In Mining...
  • Motorcycle And Automotive Industry
    Baopower Motorcycle And Automotive Belts Are Widely Used In

Certificate Honor

All of the products, which are strictly carried out the national standards and international standards, meanwhile, 
we have passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification
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Specializing in producing all kinds of high quality Rubber Belts, including Wrapped V Belt, Cogged V Belt, Timing Belt, Poly V Belt and Conveyor Belt...etc.
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[News] Feb 27,2024
Wrapped Classical V Belts

Markets/Application Suitable for all industrial applications,including v-flat drives.Product Description :1 Wear resistant cover fabric, low-stretch tension member.2 Specially developed high grade elastomers, high performance,long life service, high fexibility, suitable for flat belt transmission,max

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[News] Feb 27,2024
Cogged Classical V Belts

Markets/Application Suitable for all industrial applications, particularly where small orsub-minimal sheave diameters are required.Product Description :1 Moulded notch construction increase flexibility, reducing bendingstresses, enhance heat dispersion.2 Lower energy consumption than wrapped belt, sa

[News] Jan 20,2020
Industrial Fan Belt Construction

Lets us begin with a basic question. How do we transmit rotary power from one place to another? Well we have numerous solutions and one of the solutions would surely be a fan belt. A simple way of defining any belt drive would be imagining two separate rollers being bound by means of a thread that r

[News] Jan 17,2020
Applications for Transmission Belt

Friction power transmission belt and toothed belt are utilized as power transmission means from of old. For example, V-belt and V-ribbed belt are generally used as an auxiliary machine driving belt of automotive engine, a toothed belt is generally used as an OHC (overhead camshaft) driving belt, and

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